Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer Family Update

Hello one and all, I have now succumbed to peer pressure (and there was a lot of it out there!) and have got this blog thing going. FYI, I am quite the facebooker pro now, and this thing is going to take a while for me to "get this."

Our summer has been hectic and grand! A major move to BC, Canada, setting up the office which is to open THIS WEEK! (Our opening date has been held up for 6 weeks due to delays with the x-ray at the border!) So more pictures of that later... We've also had a fabulous time in Maine, USA with the Stehmeier family reunion; living with the Herringtons in Kamloops; relocating to Kelowna; and cruising behind a brand new wakeboard boat at the Shuswap.

The girls are growing like crazy, Maya is now two and a half, Sybella is close to 7 months; yeesh, where has the time gone? Its all about the pretend play and making little Bella laugh for Maya and getting Belles to get mobile-I know, I'll regret this later!

I'm loving life as a stay at home mom and for those of you who knew me in Iowa, I have my own car-a real beaut of a junker and my own cell phone! Yes, I'm moving up in the world! Ah, freedom is all I can say about that! Hopefully you all enjoy the pictures, I'll try to update somewhat as best as I can. Happy Times!